How can I see printf() result


I have several printf() in my program, when app is running, where does the printf() result go?

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Have you checked by “logread -f &”

Yes I have, I entered “logread -f | grep AppName”.
And I found out that the app might not successfully up and run:

there is a “Client disagrees with server on protocol ID of service” error, is that coming from my codes?

seems your code cannot be run, can you try with a simple helloworld application first?

helloWorld app can be up and run:

then you can port your app to this helloworld app

what do you mean by “port one app to anther one”?

Actually, I found someone ran into the same issue as I did here, what he did was to upgrade legato version, but how could I upgrade legato version through linux command?

if your hello world app is working and it can print message to logread, then you can start your code based on this hello world app.

You can update the legato version by updating the FW using the one click exe.