Help Needed with mcuwatchdog Implementation


I am currently using the watchdog API in our application. While working on this, I noticed that there is also an mcuwatchdog. The board I am using supports this. However, I couldn’t find any example or explanation on how to use it. I enabled it using AT commands. After the timeout period expires, it increases the count by one, but it does not reset. How can I use this properly? Any help would be appreciated.

Manufacturer: Sierra Wireless, Incorporated
Model: WP7607

did you check AT!MCUWATCHDOG in AT command user guide?

Yes, I saw and tried it there. I couldn’t find more detailed information about it.

what do you expect it to do actually?

I enabled the watchdog. When the timeout period expires, the count increases by 1. Shouldn’t the system reset in this case? The count keeps increasing, does this indicate that the system is healthy?

i guess the watchdog will reset the system in there is re-arm from the system

That is why i don’t think you can test this watchdog as you don’t have a way to stop the system re-arm the watchdog timer

The count keeps increasing but the watchdog isn’t resetting. Doesn’t this indicate that it’s not working correctly?

cat /sys/module/swimcu_pm/watchdog/timeout

actually i don’t know how you can verify it works or not