watchdogTimeout not set

Hi all,

I tried to set an initial watchdog Timeout in my .adef file by doing :

version: 1.0.0
watchdogAction: reboot
watchdogTimeout: 20000

I have set le_wdog.api in the require section of my .cdef

My problem is that the timeout is not properly set at the beginning of the app : it seems like watchdogTimeout: 20000 does nothing, because on the first call of le_wdog_Kick I get the following warning :

Jan 27 14:48:54 | Legato | m2msmartbox[25217]/framework T=main | le_wdog_client.c le_wdog_Timeout() 606 | Sending message to server and waiting for response : 4 bytes sent
Jan 27 14:48:54 | Legato | watchdog[508]/watchdog T=main | watchdog.c GetConfigKickTimeoutInterval() 425 | Unknown app with uid 0 requested watchdog - using default timeout 30000 ms

Then if I hard code the timeout at the initialisation by calling le_wdog_Timeout() in COMPONENT_INIT, I get the same warning.

What can I do to get rid of this Warning and set my Timeout properly?

Additional info:
warning happens only the first time I call a le_wdog function (le_wdog_Kick() or le_wdogTimeout) : I can cheat by calling le_wdog_Timeout twice (first won’t work and display the Warning, and second will set my timeout correctly)


That does look like a bug, could you create an issue on GitHub - legatoproject/legato-af: Legato Application Framework so we can track the resolution?
Also it’s open-source so if you want to give a shot at solving the problem, feel free to do a pull request with your contribution!

Please put the output of this command in your bug report: config get /apps/yourAppName/watchdogTimeout. I would expect that the “30000” should be displayed. Also, make sure you specify which version of the Legato framework you are using.


The bug only occurs when the app is not sandboxed.

I have posted a proof of concept app here: GitHub - dpfrey/legato_watchdog_bug: Proof of concept for the bug reported in