GPIO interrupt speed

how fast GPIO input pins react to interrupts? I have an interrupts coming with interval of ~500 microseconds and it seems that some of the inputs are lost. Is GPIO api capable of processing inputs happening that often?


Try to use kernel driver for GPIO interrupt and see if it has improvement.

Thanks! I’m not too familiar with kernel drivers so is there any instructions to use provided gpio_interrupt.rar with leaf environment and wp7607?

You need to edit the makefile to use the toolchain in leaf package to compile

You also need to see this:

I managed to create and install kernel module. I was trying to use gpios 21 and 22 (60 and 61) when driver failed with error -16, saying gpios were already in use. I checked /proc/interrupts and there was no one using those pins. After I removed gpioService from default.sdef, it started working. Is it not possible to use driver at the same time with gpioService?


you can check whether the gpio is in /sys/class/gpio/export