Gpio ChangeEventHandler stops working after a few hours

legato 18.06.4

In a simple test software:

In gpio36 I connect a 5Hz square signal. The program works OK but about 8 hours later, the signal is not detected. if I read the signal with “le_w_pulsos_Read();” I see how this signal chages, but the callback function does not execute.
when it works OK, I see in gpioservice log this:

But when te program stop working properly, so the gpioservice logs also stop.

In this situation if I change the other GPIO38 (not gpio36), then all work OK again!

Does it work if restarting the application?

mmm … I don’t remember …
I try and tell you. But I have to wait for it to fail

You might also consider to use gpio interrupt on kernel driver

Yes, if retarting the application, it work fine.

Okay I’ll try … I’m not a Linux expert.
Is it also for extension GPIO or only for core GPIO?

you might also see the sample application and see the callback function Pin22GpioSignal() :

The kernel driver is for modem core GPIO only.