Got LE_MRC_REG_DENIED registration state at (apparently) random times

Hi !
I have an application which makes periodic HTTP requests using the data connection provided by the 3G network. Most of the time, it works ok. However, from time to time, the SIM card registration state changes to LE_MRC_REG_DENIED for no apparent reason (the application always does the same thing and the signal strength is always excellent). This causes a loss of network capabilities and doesn’t recover unless I reboot the device.

Any ideas why this might occur ? Is it a legato / module bug or something normal ?

As a workaround, I am polling the registration state and rebooting whenever I get LE_MRC_REG_DENIED. However, I would like to know why such a thing happens.

Thank you for your answers :slight_smile:

Legato version : 16.10.3_7776bb75a488e0db67b0d24975b46dd0_modified
Board : MangoH Green
Module : WP8548

Hi ws-josue,
Would you please share complete return for below when it is working good and bad (i.e DENIED)?

cm radio
cm sim
cm data
microcom /dev/ttyAT


Hi lotam,
Thanks for your answer.

As this issue happens on very few occasions, I will hardly be able to get the result of these commands when it’s working bad. However, I have found what might be the cause of this issue : each time the issue occurred, the date was set to “Sun Jan 6 1980”. I think it makes sense that the network access is denied when the date is wrong.

Now the question is, what could have caused the reset of the date ? Maybe an issue with the GNSS (which may also provide time) ?

Here is the ouput in “good” state (in case it can be useful) :

root@swi-mdm9x15:~# cm radio
Power:      ON
Current Network Operator: Orange F
RAT:        UMTS network (LE_MRC_RAT_UMTS)
Status:     Registered to a roaming network (LE_MRC_REG_ROAMING)
Signal:     Strong signal strength (4)

root@swi-mdm9x15:~# cm sim
SIM card is inserted and unlocked (LE_SIM_READY).

root@swi-mdm9x15:~# cm data
Index:      1
PDP Type:   IPV4V6
Connected:  yes

root@swi-mdm9x15:~# microcom -E /dev/ttyAT 
Ciphering:     01
Integrity:     01

Index, Name
00, All bands

!SELRAT: 00, Automatic