GNSS speed up Fix

my intent is to short fix time. I’ve read in documentation i can call le_gnss_InjectUtcTime() to speed up fix:

le_gnss_InjectUtcTime (uint64_t timeUtc, uint32_t timeUnc)

but it’s not clear to me where i can get parameters to pass, what is the source of time?
Any sample codei can use?

also i see that i cant call le_gnss_InjectUtcTime without first calling le_gnss_EnableExtendedEphemerisFile()…
but… how i get this file ? Any sample code i can use?

I’m not sure I’m using concurrent constellation, i want to use GPS, Glonass, BeiDoo and Galileo if possibile… how can i set in code?

Do i have to edit /etc/gps.conf (using default right now) to enable some servers ?

A lot of questions… I know…


Did you try agps with AT!gpsfix?