Getting Mono application to run on MangOH Green


I am trying to get a Mono (C#) application to run on my MangOH Green board.

Based on the information at Mono applications can be ran on Yocto 2.0+, and I think I understand most of the process involved, but the exact steps are a little unclear.

I believe I need to build my own image which incorporates the meta-mono layer in the Yocto build system, I assume using the individual components found at and then combining them using the swicwe tool.

If anyone has any experience getting Mono to work in this environment, or knows the right direction to point me in, it would be greatly appreciated.

Hi cmccarthy,
Can you please raise the same issue in the mangOH forum,So you can get the better solution.

Please find the link below to the mangOH forum where you can raise the same issue:

welp, probably going to need to add meta-mono from git, then find the appropriate version of mono you want and include it in the build and prey…

I checked the procedure mentioned in this link

  1. There are asking to include Yocto recipe to include mono layer
  2. And add recipe to build mono-helloworld application
  3. And incorporate both of them in the final image.

So with respect to your question on how to do the modifications in the Sierra specific Linux distribution , here are some pointers.

You can download the Linux Distribution alone in the individual source components.

  1. yocto$ make //This command is used for building the yocto

  2. clone the meta-mono layer add it at same level as meta-swi
    Eg: Yocto

  3. To include the layer for building , you will have to edit the “” file , you can check how swi-meta layer is added as example and do similar changes to get this new layer included for building when “make” command is given

  4. To include the mono and mono-helloworld you will have to edit the following file
    meta-swi-extras/common/recipes/images/* :
    IMAGE_INSTALL += “mono mono-helloworld”

  5. with the changes done once “make” command is given the image will be built and you can find the yocto<target>.cwe_
    (Kernel + rootfilesystem) in build_bin/tmp/deploy/images/swi-mdm9x<NN>
    Here target is wp85/wp76 etc and NN is based on module chosen eg 15/28 etc.

  6. you need not combine the images using swicwe for only testing the changes incorporated in kernel and RFS. you could flash only this cwe using the below command.
    fwupdate download yocto_<target>.cwe
    (if required finally you can generate the combined image and flash it)