GetRuntimeSettings() - Bad wdsClient

I am trying to chase down an error I am seeing in the logs:
=ERR= | modemDaemon[677]/le_pa T=main | pa_mdc_qmi.c GetRuntimeSettings() 1459 | Bad wdsClient
I have searched the legato source and can’t find it so I’m assuming it’s in the modem code. But I think this is occasionally causing a crash (in some cases, depending on the build), and I’m wondering how this can happen? I am subscribed to the modem class for the threads that call the mdc functions.


on which legato version , is running your app and on which device?
could you share a complete log when the issue happens?
Best Regards

It is a WP7601, R8. I will see what I can do about the log.

What is the use case you are testing? Can you share the entire log .