Fx30 bsp problem in yocto custom linux

i started having a problem with the gpios and 3G adapter
i dont find the gpios in /sys/class/gpio when i flash my custom yocto image
i would like to know how i can keep the fx30 bsp while building my custom yocto image

hi there,
Where did you obtain your source code for your custom image?

The FX30S R13.1.3.001 source code is available on the Source:

The FX30 R13.1.2.004 source code is not available. Your options are:

  1. Use legato-spm version 5.1 or newer. This will contain the FX30/FX30S source code with version R13.1.3.E02. This version is an engineering release
  2. Use the R13.1.3.001 FX30S source code, which should be compatible with the FX30
  3. Wait for the new release, R14.0.4.002 source code which we are working on releasing this week.