Function le_mdc_GetBytesCounters() Does not work correctly

This only seems to work for the receive side, not for the transmit side. This is R12 with Verizon on a WP7601.
Also, it’s supposed to be persistent over reboots and power cycles, which it isn’t.

hi @EvetsMostel,
can you please share some logs or the code of the app you used?
when you indicate it is not persistent after the reboot, do you mean that before rebooting, you start collecting received/transmitted data flow statistics, but after the reboot this is not restarted automatically?
can you please share more details?
Best Regards

HI @plu,
What I’m referring to is this statement in the docs:
"The data statistics collection activation and the data counters are persistent even after a reboot of the platform. "

This says to me that the counter numbers are supposed to start where they left off. They don’t. In fact you can’t get any numbers until it is connected (as it returns an error, but fills in the parameters with bogus values). Even then it’s not consistent when it is connected.
This is using R12 on a WP7601.

When I was using the SDK, there were two points you could access for bytes, one was the current session and one was the long term one. What is this accessing?

Hi @EvetsMostel,

How do you send and receive the data? can you share your code? I guess you have seen the provided sample: