Error: Couldn't find component 'embeddedOracleJvm'


I’ve been trying to get the legato java hello world example running all afternoon. It seems it can’t find EJDK. I want to run it on a mangOH device so I download the ARM v6/v7 Linux EJDK from this page … index.html
according to this guide:
I’m using a windows machine and the Legato Ubuntu virtual machine that was recommended for the mangOH setup in this document: … als_r4.pdf

$ mkapp -v -t wp85 javaHelloWorld.adef Env var 'EJDK_DIR=/home/legato/Downloads/ejdk1.8.0_101/linux_armv6_vfp_hflt/compact1' became 'XDG_VTNR=7'. Environment variables are different this time. Parsing file: '/home/legato/legato/packages/legato.framework.16.4.0.I201606090927/resources/legato/apps/javaHelloWorld2/javaHelloWorld.adef'. Modelling application: 'javaHelloWorld' defined in: '/home/legato/legato/packages/legato.framework.16.4.0.I201606090927/resources/legato/apps/javaHelloWorld2/javaHelloWorld.adef' Application 'javaHelloWorld' contains executable 'helloWorld'. Parsing file: '/home/legato/legato/packages/legato.framework.16.4.0.I201606090927/resources/legato/apps/javaHelloWorld2/javaHelloComponent/Component.cdef'. Modelling component: 'javaHelloComponent' found at: '/home/legato/legato/packages/legato.framework.16.4.0.I201606090927/resources/legato/apps/javaHelloWorld2/javaHelloComponent' ** ERROR: /home/legato/legato/packages/legato.framework.16.4.0.I201606090927/resources/legato/apps/javaHelloWorld2/javaHelloComponent/Component.cdef:11:8: error: Couldn't find component 'embeddedOracleJvm'.

I’ve set up the the environment variables in my .bash_profile according to the instructions:

$ echo $JAVA_HOME /usr/lib/jvm/java-1.8.0-openjdk-amd64 $ echo $EJDK_DIR /home/legato/Downloads/ejdk1.8.0_101/linux_armv6_vfp_hflt/compact1 legato@legato-VirtualBox:~/legato/packages/legato.framework.16.4.0.I201606090927/resources/legato/apps/javaHelloWorld2$

I’m sorry for the wall of text but I wanted to get in all the relevant information.
Has anyone experienced anything similar?

This embeddedOracleJvm component is provided by the framework itself.
To make it reachable by mkapp, you need to add the -s ${LEGATO_ROOT}/components option to your command line.

Thank you so much!
I love you and the internet