Download Woes

Hiya All.

I’ve been downloading the dev tools as posted by Jacques here.

I’ve had a fair bit of trouble downloading the Legato-Yocto14.tar file (which is 1,592,780 KB long).

First time was from the web page as per Jacques notes - got about 700MB down before the FTP server timed me out and stopped the download. Note that I didn’t use the Java Downloader as it wouldn’t install on my PC for some reason (Win 7 x64). It looked like a Java problem so I didn’t bother looking any further.

Second time, I used an FTP client (WinSCP in FTP mode). After 1.75 hrs I was 30MB short of the complete download before the server timed me out and would not re-establish a connection with WinSCP to allow the final few MB of download.

OK, at this point I’d downloaded over 2GB of data with nothing to show. Less than impressed…

Third time I managed to get it down at a mate’s place (who has a lot more bandwidth/download than me). I accessed the site via the web page (as per try 1), but during the download I kept changing directories on the download pages (roughly every 5 min or so) in an attempt to stop the FTP server from timing out the connection. This seemed to work as I now have the tar file ready to install.

It appears that the FTP server is not bright enough to realize that an ongoing download should continue to reset the ‘inactivity’ timeout counters. For someone from SiWi, it might be worth having a look at this, otherwise there’s going to be a lot of unhappy downloaders…

OK, I’ve also just noticed that the file download is a .tar file, rather than the .bz2 file as noted in the file name. 7Zip opens the file as a TAR file OK, so the file doesn’t appear to have been mangled in the download process. It would be nice if the file could be compressed a bit - I think that someone from SiWi needs to have a look at the file to see that it’s correct…

Thanks, Dave

Hi David,

this FTP site is just temporary…
But, got the message… I will request our IT dpt to have a look.


I see to be having the same issues as Dave - both with downloading the Legato-Yocto14.tar and with the Java “wizard” thingy not installing on Win7-64.


Let me know if you’re still having trouble with the big Yocto source download and I’ll get you an alternative.


I think I’ve got it now.

I wasn’t as well-prepared as Dave; still getting a Ubuntu machine set up - which is an entirely foreign land for me!


Are we getting overrun with Andrews…?!


[quote=“awneil”]Are we getting overrun with Andrews…?!


Amusing :smiley:

You’re actually Andy, Andy :smiley: And he’s Andrew (and in vacation too AFAIK).


Hi All,
Now, Legato deliverables (Linux Distribution [Yocto], tool chain, Developer Studio…) are downloadable from which is using several mirroring servers in the world.
So, the download should be smooth.
If you still experiment some issues, please specify the software you are downloading, your location and your internet bandwidth.