Developer Studio 5.0 - Error installing package

Hello Forum,

I have the following error when I try to install a new Legato package with dev studio.

My host computer: Ubuntu 16.04.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @spastor

Any chance to get a meaningful stack trace from the workspace log (workspace/.metadata/.log file)?
Just gave a test in the same conditions, without reproducing your problem.
Maybe a temporary network interruption?

(By the way, DS 5.1 is available now, you can upgrade :slight_smile: )


Thanks for your support, I found the reason:

Dev studio create a temporary folder with name too long. I use an encrypted $HOME partition.

mkdir /home/sylvain/legato/16.10.1/workspace/.metadata/spm.tmp/installedIU/repo82902993005894940/plugins/com.swi.spm.legato.toolchain.1.7.3.SWI9X15Y_07112100-wp85-wp750x-native-x86_64-201701091132_1.7.3.SWI9X15Y_07112100-wp85-wp750x-native-x86_64-201701091132
mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/home/sylvain/legato/16.10.1/workspace/.metadata/spm.tmp/installedIU/repo82902993005894940/plugins/com.swi.spm.legato.toolchain.1.7.3.SWI9X15Y_07112100-wp85-wp750x-native-x86_64-201701091132_1.7.3.SWI9X15Y_07112100-wp85-wp750x-native-x86_64-201701091132’:
File name too long


Wow… just discovering that file name length is limited on encrypted file system… :astonished:
(I though that was only a typical Windows limitation ;))

Please note that in your DS install folder, you can add a configuration/ file to configure where the packages are installed/loaded by DS.
Sample content:


Default is $HOME/legato/packages

Please note that if you change the folder, you can’t just move the packages. You’ll have to install the packages properly again (because typically Yocto toolchains are installed with absolute path references and can’t be moved)

Mmmm, I just realized that the behavior is because your workspace is located in your $HOME… :frowning:
You’ll probably need to put your workspace somewhere else…

We’ll have a look if it’s worth refactoring the install process to have it using /tmp instead…

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