Connecting wp77 to AWS IoT

I am trying to connect a wp77 to AWS IoT and I was wondering if there is any available app which support TLS authentication for mqtt protocol.

Here says you can use python:

To use python phao mqtt, you can see here:

Same here, would prefer not recompile the image to include python libraries, maybe using cpp is native for this target and so I can avoid recompiling the image??

You might need to give a try to cross compile the aws sdk in c language.

yes, it worked. Cheers

how do you cross compile the AWS iot embedded C SDK?
Can you write down some procedure?

I just used the mkapp, didn`t need to cross compile as this was written in C.
Not sure I understand your question…

Which legato application are you using for compilation?

mmmhhh, good question…
I believe I am using the latest legato application 20.04 but how do I check it?
I can see the leaf version is 2.3.1

as you say “it works”, I thought you already compiled something…

yes, I did get the AWS SDK for embedded C, did create the app, component and used pretty much the source code from them with just some small adjustments.
Only problem I had was with the port, which I had to change from 8883 to 443 for the TLS to work properly.
So, once the cm data is connected, I can connect subscribe and publish to the AWS backend.
Haven`t done anything fancy really, just implemented the SDK as it came from AWS website, then compiled for the wp77xx target.