Can't resolve url with gethostbyname WP7601 R6.1


I have a data connection via le_data_request. Just for good measure, I keep trying the gethostbyname call every second over a 10 second period. I can’t get it to resolve the name. While the connection is made, I can type in the console window and it resolves fine. Has anyone seen this?



Can you provide the full function call name with which you are trying to resolve the url? When i checked in the legato AF i didn’t find any legato api(function name) by the name gethostbyname.

Muralidhara N.


Thanks for responding.
gethostbyname(char *) is a standard C function call, not Legato specific. Like socket, etc. But the issue is that I was using le_data_request which is supposed to establish a connection if one isn’t already started and setup routing and DNS servers. Something isn’t quite connected right if that call fails.



If its a SRV CNAME or similar record you will not be able to resolve it this way a i use the c-ares lib as used in curl and while not in the sysroot is available on the device image.


Do you still see the issue or is it resolved?

Muralidhara N.