Can't find Legato software packages


I have just installed the open source Legato software.

I am trying to install some Legato software packages in what appears
to be a setup phase. I am in the Package Manager perspective,
in the Available Packages window.

There is the text :

“Sierra Wireless Legato Repository [http ://”

But this website does not seem to exist.

Are these packages no longer available or am I
misunderstanding something ?

Thanks in advance if you can help.

This update site is the reference one for Legato pre-built software packages.
It is not properly speaking a website (nothing to do with it in a browser), but it is up.
If you don’t see any packages in the Package Manager perspective, maybe it is some network issues…
On which host OS are you running?
Are you behind a proxy? If so, you may need to fine tune the settings in Window > Preferences > General > Network Settings page.