Can we install application from SD Card or from Uart?

I am trying to install an application through UART on WP7607. Is it possible to do so?

you can see here for transfer files via UART console:

You can see here for SSH/SCP through UART port in data mode:

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can I copy my image to Sd card form UART and then install it on the system?
am I going the right way ?

you can directly copy the application from SD card to module /tmp folder and then install it.

ls /dev/mmc*
mkdir "/tmp/sdcard/"
/bin/mount -t auto -o sync /dev/mmcblk0p1 "/tmp/sdcard"
ls /tmp/sdcard

Is there any API which installs the app and gives us status?

You can see the code here on how to use the “update” command to install app

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I tried making and application (named : update) which is responsible for installing app from " /tmp " path.
when I install “update” and see logs
App update <5021c1dd5a7a025cc24d54c552098422> installed
App ‘update<5021c1dd5a7a025cc24d54c552098422>’ installed properly.
System on probation (timer started).
Reaping unconfigured child process 22644.
Execing ‘update’
Setting resource limit maxCoreDumpFileBytes to value 102400.
Setting resource limit maxFileBytes to value 102400.
Setting resource limit maxLockedMemoryBytes to value 8192.
Setting resource limit maxFileDescriptors to value 256.
Setting resource limit maxMQueueBytes to value 512.
Setting resource limit maxThreads to value 20.
Setting resource limit maxQueuedSignals to value 100.
I got these messages and it doesnot show any further log neither install the desired application.

I want to install application from sdcard.

Have you installed a hello world application first from the SD card?

BTW, why do you need to make such application?
Why don’t you just use the default “update” command to install application to your module?

Actually I don’t have access to the board directly through terminal so I want to keep my applications up to date.
So I am finding a way to transfer my application to SD card(via UART or AT) and then updating it to the module.
Can you suggest me a better option?
previously I am using Airvantage for FOTA but I want to do it without internet connectivity.
Thanks @jyijyi

do you mean you want to automatically install the .update binary file in the SD card when you insert the SD card to the module?
If so, you can write a script to monitor if there is SD card, and then mount the SD card, and then copy the .update binary file to /tmp folder, and then install it by “update” command.

Yes, it makes sense.
but unfortunately I don’t have access to SD card as well. (I cannot insert or remove SD card physically)
Any other way to pass my image to SD card ?

you said that " I want to do it without internet connectivity", and then you cannot insert SD card to it, then the only way i think is to hire a people for you and insert a SD card with the binary inside.

You are right in that case.
If we have internet connectivity?
Is there any way to do it other than Airvantage ?

You can put your .update file to http or ftp server.
On module side, you can download to /tmp folder by wget or ftp command

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