Build issues with legato 19.05

I am trying to build legato 19.05 for wp77xx and I get the following issue:
Building Legato for target ‘wp77xx’
Makefile:127: build/wp77xx/ No such file or directory
KSET ~workspace/legato/.config.wp77xx - TARGET_WP77XX
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “~/workspace/legato/3rdParty/Kconfiglib/”, line 20, in
import argparse
ImportError: No module named ‘argparse’
Makefile:382: recipe for target ‘~/workspace/legato/.config.wp77xx’ failed
make: *** [~/workspace/legato/.config.wp77xx] Error 1

Any help will be appreciated.


From where did you get legato 19.05?


I took it from Github (legatoproject/legato-af). But, nevermind I am not working with legato 19.05 anymore and waiting for the 19.07 stable release.

How do you know that 19.07 will be the stable one? Is there information about when the next releaseses are going to be?

@aashwini, yes you should wait, i think that this version is not yet validated (stable).


My bad! not sure if 19.07 will be a stable release, but will check with the next stable release whichever it is.

Came across an issue where someone mentioned 19.07 will be out by the end of the month: PortDaemon Constantly Restarts in 19.04.0

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