Availability of Automotive APIs


I came across eCall service in the Legato APIs that is specifically meant for an Automotive use-case. Similarly the Positioning API’s could also be used for Automotive usecases.

But does legato provide any APIs for communicating with the In-Vehicle network of a car?
I.e., APIs to read data on a CAN bus or LIN bus. And also AUTOSAR COM compliant APIs or FlexRay compliant APIs?

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Hi Vamsi,

You are right that Legato does contain a few automotive-centric APIs and they were the contribution from the cool folks at Sierra Wireless’ automotive team. Legato open source project doesn’t currently have the plan to provide APIs to enable communication with the in-vehicle network of a car since this has been an area our ecosystem partners have been delivery values.

Folks at mangOH has done a demo running CANopen on a mangOH board. It’s worth checking out. Here are the links,

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