AV-PACK Fails To Find System Directory

Reposting from the Mangoh forum as I haven’t gotten a response.

I am trying to build a package to upload to AirVantage using the command av-pack -u xxxx.wp85.update -b _build_xxxx/wp85 -t xxxx.system.3.0.1 and I get the error
ls: cannot access '_build_xxxx/wp85/system/app/*/staging/info.properties': No such file or directory

When I look at the build directory I don’t see a system directory under the _build_xxxx/wp85 directory.

I am building using mksys -t wp86 -s <COMPONENT PATHS> -i <INTERFACE PATHS> xxxx.sdef

I’m using Legato AF 18.09.0 and I have tired with both the manual build system and Leaf. Both have the same problem.


Solved here https://forum.mangoh.io/t/av-pack-fails-to-find-system-directory/2633