Airvantage not included when built under Linux CLI

I am using both R10 and R12 for the WP76xx series. I have a custom Legato build. If I build under Dev Studio, all is well. If I build under the command line Linux, Airvantage is not included using the same .sdef file.
I’ve discovered the issue. There are two missing services. With the same .sdef, I get different results.

This lines provided by the default Legato system via Dev studio install the atAirVantage and atQmiLinker as part of the build:

[#include](javascript:void(0):wink: “$LEGATO_ROOT/apps/platformServices/defaultAirVantage.sinc”

[#include](javascript:void(0):wink: “$LEGATO_ROOT/apps/platformServices/defaultAtCommands.sinc”

But when built in Linux with the command line system, those two applications are not included.

This happens under both R10.1 and R12. Does anyone know how to get around this issue? Our official build system uses the Linux cli.


@EvetsMostel, I don’t know if you talk about the “default.sdef” or not, but both releases R10 (legato18.10.3) & R12 (legato18.06.3) include “defaultAirVantage.sinc” and “defaultAtCommands.sinc” as you can see here :

Yes, and I have those both in there. However, when built under the commandline method, vs Dev Studio, I get different results using the same sdef file.

What happens with $LEGATO_EXTRA_SINC include?