Are there any issues passing variables by Ref between Components using APIs?


I´m really new regarding Legato plantform. I´m testing components and using API interfaces to pass information between them. I have succeeded using functions where I pass variables by value, but I´m experiencing problems when I pass anything by reference, for any reason I get different memory directions. If I use same code inside the same component everything works perfect.

I realised when I was testing Events and Handlers between components, but as I said the problem persists with easier Functions where I pass anything by reference.

I´m doing something wrong? Has anyone experienced this issue?

Legato allows you to pass an opaque reference across the IPC boundary. Since they are opaque, the other side cannot dereference them. This allows you to do things like return a reference to a session object that is allocated by a service. The client can then pass that reference back to the service as a way to make use of a specific session when performing an operation. Since the references are opaque, you can’t dereference them on the other side.

Thanks for your reply. I`ll try to study this concepts a little bit more