Application 'APP_NAME' is going to be updated/removed

I’m facing an issue when I want to start a application:

Application 'APP_NAME' is going to be updated/removed

I tried removing and reinstalling it, but without luck. The error always appears with this application, but not with others.


Can you attach you application here?

please find the application attached:
spi_multi_test.wp76xx.update (347.2 KB)

I mean the whole project with source code.

Is it having the following?

	spiMultiTest = ( spiMultiTest )
	spiService = ( $LEGATO_ROOT/components/spiService )
	gpioService = ( $LEGATO_ROOT/components/sysfsGpio )

yes, that’s part of the adef

please find the whole program here: (3.4 KB)

As said before then, you need to use IPC to communicate with these components.

Ok, by removing the gpioService from the run and executable section and the spiService from the run section it’s fixed again.