After several times of reboots, Legato EthLink ECM not available

Hello all,

in our application, we reboot the modul (WP7607-1 Legato 19.02.0) if there is no network connection after a timeout. After several times of reboots, we see strange things.

  1. sometimes we see Legato framework is NOT running
  2. sometimes we see the Legato EthLink ECM not available on device manager. Only DM Port is availabe. It seems the modul goes into download-mode. Any idea to fix this point?

Hi AE_1,
The behavior you observed could be related to the boot loop detection feature of Legato.
You can find similar log:

It is designed feature to avoid continues unexceptional reset/crash, if you want to stop this feature, please remove the bootCount file during system init.

rm /legato/bootCount

Or you should enhance your reboot mechanism, I understand you want to retry and recover from situation of no network connection… but if it is network/coverage issue it may fall into boot loop without help…
Personally, I would prefer radio on/off or restart app instead of system reboot.

Hope it helps.