ADB can't see my device


I have a module with ADB enabled running the exact same firmware (and options) as another module:

The other module is connected to a Linux machine and adb works fine. However, on this module on windows 10, I just can’t access the adb shell: adb devices is empty, while I can see the ADB port in the device manager.

I tried running windows 10 without driver signing, with the manual changes to android-winusb.inf, and even after adding 0x1199 then instead 1199 to my\adb_usb.ini : adb devices Is always empty

I did adb kill-server, nothing helps, even if I have in the device manager “Android Composite ADB Interface”. Also I can send AT commands with putty, so the problem is just with ADB.

I have read Adb devices - Win 7 x64 no devices attached - any ideas? - #4 by amitchell but I still can’t make it work.

I read Alpha-B upgrading to 14.04 results in a brick - #9 by esun - WP Series - Sierra Wireless Forum but it did not help either: my DM and NMEA port are showing up and working.

Any suggestion?

Hello Charlottehornette
what was the platform used during your test? which device and which legato version did you use?
Best Regards,

Hi charlottehornette,

If understand the description correctly, you have 1 unit works on Linux and 1 unit ADB cannot talk to on Windows.
Would you please clarify what is both units? Are they same series and running same software version?

Any chance if you can swap the 2 units and see does it work on Windows?

On windows, the adb_usb.ini (c:\users\\adb_usb.ini), we should add “0x1199” follow by an “Enter”.
Please check and modify, then “adb kill-server” follow by “adb devices” to see any improvement.