WP8548 EXTERNAL_SLOT_2 not detect sim card



This function selects the Card on which all further SIM operations have to be operated.

@return LE_FAULT The function failed.

@return LE_TIMEOUT No response was received.

@return LE_OK The function succeeded.
le_result_t pa_sim_SelectCard
le_sim_Id_t cardId ///< The SIM to be selected
if (cardId != LE_SIM_EXTERNAL_SLOT_1)
return LE_FAULT;
UimSelect = cardId;

return LE_OK;

In the source code, when requesting the status of a SIM card, only the 1st slot is used. Why is the 2nd slot worn out, how to work with the second SIM card?

I don’t think it is the actual source code.
pa_sim_SelectCard source code should be internal only.

You can only have the binary file under:

BTW, do you try the AT!UIMS command?

Yes, everything works as it should directly through AT commands.
See the source code here:
Снимок экрана_2021-01-14_08-50-21

does "cm sim select EXTERNAL_SLOT_2 " work for you?
If yes, that means the source code you seeing is not actually compiled.

Anyway, you can directly use AT!UIMS.

Yes, this command works “cm sim select EXTERNAL_SLOT_2”. But the command to determine the status of the SIM card does not work. And the SIM card events do not work when EXTERNAL_SLOT_2 is selected. I would like to deal with this.

That means the source code you seeing is not actually compiled!

You can first try
AT+UIMS=1 to select SIM slot 2

and then you can use +WUSLMSK to setup the AT!UIMSTATUS notification.

This can make sure at least the AT command is working fine.

Yes, your method works but it is quite correct. With 2 SIM cards inserted, it correctly shows which SIM card is disconnected, but when the SIM card is returned to its place, the status reports the number of the always active SIM slot.
Most likely the fact is that we do not understand how the work of two SIM cards is implemented. So far we have only made sure that everything works properly through the API legato, when after changing the SIM card, make AT! RESET or reboot. Is there any official information on what needs to be rebooted?

I remember if you change SIM card during power on, you need to AT!UIMS to change to another SIM slot and then AT!UIMS again to change back to original slot.