View pings sent from an external device to mangoh red

I have a raspberry pi which is sending pings successfully from its IP address to the IP address of the ethernet IoT card on my mangoh red, in the raspberry pi’s command line I can see the packets are sent and received successfully with no lost packets, however I see no incoming packets on the mangoh red. Is there a way to view the incoming pings via ethernet on the mangoh red?

You can capture wireshark log by tcpdump on the interface

Is there a step by step process you can provide?

You can have a look here:

  1. Download a ARM version of TCPDUMP and transfer to the module
    static-binaries/tcpdump at master · andrew-d/static-binaries · GitHub
  2. chmod 777 tcpdump_arm
  3. /home/root/tcpdump_arm -s0 -i eth0 -w /tmp/test.pcap

@jyijyi Okay, I downloaded the file from git hub, that was okay. It is named tcpdump and not tcpdump_arm. I transferred the file using scp (image below)

Then I changed the permission of the tcpdump file and tried to run it (image below)

with no success, all it shows is constant packets, but no clue as to what is sending these packets (image below):

I pressed ^C to end it.

What do you mean in step 3?

/tmp/test.pcap is the wireshark log.

@jyijyi I still don’t understand, typing /home/root/tcpdump_arm -s0 -i eth0 -w /tmp/test.pcap just returns an error.

What kind of error is returned?

You need to use full path, /home/root/tcpdump