Using Kaa instead of AirVantage for IoT platform

I’m currently looking at using the WP8548 device but I am interested in using Kaa IoT platform instead of AirVantage. Having read through the Legato docs, am I right in thinking that the steps I need to take to do this are:

  1. remove the AirVantage app
  2. build and install my own app that supports Kaa

I’ve not yet experimented with any hardware but plan to get a MangOH green or red shortly.

Hi eskibrew,

yes that would be right, you can build a system by definining a .sdef that doesn’t have the AirVantage app, and then you would need to implement support for Kaa.

You can eventually provide the support for that cloud provider on GitHub as an OpenSource project so that the community can benefit and contribute to your project.


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