USB dongle quick start


My customer has used “USB dongle quick star”. Linux and Legato tool chain is installed but not “Developer Studio”

Is not Developper studio included in the USB dongle? Do we need to install “Developper studio” from

What are you referring to with “USB dongle Quick Start”. i am not sure where you get it from and what it does contain but Developer Studio is an IDE you can download and install from the link you stated. I will let maybe SierraW Engineers to comment on the USB dongle Quick Start.

All LEGATO developers attending “Sierra Wireless Developer day” last june got a " USB dongle quick start" including all Legato set up but “Developer studio” is not included in the dongle so we need to install it from the link above.

Can someone confirm this point?

Hi Isabel,

The USB dongle did include developer studio as well. There should actually be a link to it on the desktop when you boot from the USB stick. However, these were all made by hand the week before the event so there is a chance there was a mistake with one. Can you double-check to make sure it definitely isn’t there? I don’t have a stick here right now to refer to, but I’m pretty sure it’s under the home directory somewhere.


Hello Matthew,

I can boot the dongle and i have Legato and developer studio running (Live USB). But I want to install it in the hard disk of my PC.

When I try to install it in my PC I only get Ubuntu installation but not Develper Studio installation.


Andres Dopico

Hi Andres,

You can always download and install Developer Studio from here: … arted.aspx

Finally here is some additional information to configure Developer Studio for Legato: … oling.html

Hope this helps. If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.