SOLVED - VoiceCall. When I Hangup on the other part, the state is CONNECT

I´m using 16.10.1 and 16.10.4 Legato Frameworks on a WP85XX. If I stablish a voice call and I hangup from the other part, WP85XX give me a CONNECT EVENT and I´m expecting a BUSY EVENT.

I think is a bug here.

Hi Luis,

I think this depends on network, are you making an outgoing MO call to your cellular phone?
If that’s the case, when you reject the call, mobile operator may divert the call to voice mailbox or play voice prompt thus getting CONNECT event.

Try making call to tradition landline number and reject it which may has better chance to get busy event.


Iotam, you are right, the call was diverted to the mailbox.
I´m going to try again.

Lots of Thanks!!!