Signal 11 (Segmentation fault) error while executing application in Developer Studio


I run my curl based FTP application in developer studio 5 with target board mangOH wp8548
and package 16.10.3.

My application get crashed with segmentation fault, logs are given below:

ftpapplication[6892]/FTPApplicationComponent T=main | FTPApplicationComponent.cpp ConnectionStateHandler() 121 | Interface rmnet0 connected.
Jul 28 12:18:16 |  INFO | ftpapplication[6892] | file open '/tmp/imageRups1.jpg': No such file or directory
Jul 28 12:18:16 |  INFO | ftpapplication[6892] | Local file size: 1195930676 bytes.
Jul 28 12:18:16 | ftpapplication[6892]/FTPApplicationComponent T=main | FTPApplicationComponent.cpp GetUrl() 51 | INTO:::gET uRL METHOD 
Jul 28 12:18:16 | dcsDaemon[510]/dataConnectionService T=main | dcsServer.c CloseSessionEventHandler() 2113 | Client 0x28a3c killed, remove allocated resources
Jul 28 12:18:16 | supervisor[460]/supervisor T=main | proc.c proc_SigChildHandler() 1956 | Process 'ftpapplication' (PID: 6892) has exited due to signal 11 (Segmentation fault).
Jul 28 12:18:16 | supervisor[460]/supervisor T=main | proc.c GetFaultAction() 1744 | No fault action specified for process 'ftpapplication'. Assuming 'ignore'.
Jul 28 12:18:17 | _appStopClient[6956]/framework T=main | LE_FILENAME CreateSocket() 550 | Socket opened as standard i/o file descriptor 2!
Jul 28 12:18:17 | supervisor[460]/supervisor T=main | app.c app_SigChildHandler() 3221 | Process 'ftpapplication' in app 'FTPApplication' faulted: Ignored.
Jul 28 12:18:17 | supervisor[460]/supervisor T=main | apps.c DeactivateAppContainer() 340 | Application 'FTPApplication' has stopped.

Can any one tell me whats wrong with my application ?
and how to recover it.

Are you trying to operate on the file which fails to download?


I am working on the latest package “16.10.3 native”
after updating to latest package, I have created new application, It is referring toolchain “_corrupted_0_legato.toolchain.1.7.3.SWI9X15Y_07120900-wp85-wp750x-native-x86_64-201705021320”

why its name is corrupted?
and is this root cause of the issue?


This (“corrupted” directories) may happen when installed packages have some troubles to be loaded.
Maybe you could give a try to clean your packages folder and re-install.
But I don’t think this could be the root cause for your troubles, since when you’re building an app that is referencing libs, libs are used from the target filesystem (and not bundled from installed toolchain directory).

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