Set timer for ulpm and shutdown


I need to turn off device for selected period of time. I’ve found a way to do it with:

pmtool bootOn timer 120
pmtool shutdown

But, pmtool shutdown turns off device immediately, without running rcK scripts, which could lead to filesystem corruption.
I’ve tried to use poweroff, but it ignores timer.
What should I use for graceful shutdown?


Hi @chebykin,

I think I see what you mean, you would except basically the command shutdown and not what’s happening.
I’m gonna request some more info to the author of the feature.


Thank you. It would’ve been better if this tool run /etc/init.d/rcK before poweroff.

Seems like it’s a known issue but the resolution won’t make it in the next WP85 release (ie, release 14).

Can you tell how long until this version releases?

Hard to tell, but you can eventually contact a SWI sales person to try to speed things up.