Secure storage: Maximum storage size configuration in Xdef file

legato reference link for Secure storage, by default app’s maximum secure storage is also 8192 bytes and it is configurable using maxSecureStorageBytes in “xdef” file.
And for each secure storage items can have maximum size of 8192 bytes.

My query is,
what is “xdef” file ?
Where it is present?
whether maximum size for each item configurable ?


I think you highlighted a typo. xdef should be adef.

As far as I know you cannot configure a max size for each item but rather a maximum global size (for all items).



Thanks for reply,

But according to legato official site, it is “Xdef” file.

if it is possible to configure maximum global size from “.adef” then can you please suggest how it is possible ? (I mean syntax in adef file.)

The xdef is meant for sdef and adef files (there is no xdef files).
So yes it is actually possible to set it from an adef file, as you can see from the doc: Application Definition .adef - Legato Docs