Running MapProfileOnNetworkInterface is faulting


I’m receiving an LE_FAULT when I try to use le_mdc_MapProfileOnNetworkInterface with a valide profile and network interface string name (“ecm0”). Can you tell me how this is supposed to be used? The documentation doesn’t really specify.

This is running R7 for a WP7601



This API used to map profile to data session network interface, rmnet type, like the one enabled with “cm data connect”.


@lotam, thanks for replying.

I know, that’s what the docs say… But to me this implies that it is creating a route for whenever that profile is active. However, like I said, I just get a fault returned. I’ve tried a new interface and existing interfaces, and nothing happens. The docs say it basically allows you to create more separate data connections. But if I can’t pick the network I want, then what good is it?