Radio / data connection control?


I am trying to have my application manage when the radio is on and when a data connection is present.

Using le_data_Request() and le_data_Release() followed by le_mrc_SetRadioPower(LE_OFF) seems to work.

Is there a requirement/need to use le_cellnet_Request() and le_cellnet_Release()? Would they help?

Are there other services that should be used as well?

My question is “is this the proper/best way to accomplish this?”


Hi Mark,
Those APIs serves similar function, however le_data and le_cellnet is so-called “multi-app safe”, please refer to below link to understand more.

So it is ok to use le_data_Request() and le_mrc_SetRadioPower() for requirement mentioned.

Additionally, you may also check le_mdc_StartSession() if you like more control, refer to below:

Hope it helps.