Order of application startup from software?

Hello everybody. I am developing a project that includes many apps, including one for activating the WiFi and another for activating the script for activating the CAN bus. Since I noticed that the board does not work well if I reverse the operations, I need to start FIRST the script that enables SPI and CAN driver and then the WiFi connection. Is there a way to “traffic light/semaphorize” the start of the various apps? I can’t find one that isn’t problematic.

you can set the application to start manually in .adef and then you can use a script to “app start” them one by one

I don’t want to start manually, I want to make software starts app

didn’t you already have a init script to control?

No, in fact I want understand how to realize it. I have only a script that enables CAN, but I launch it with ./start

no idea, probably setting start manually is the easiest to control.

ok, solved with startup functions (it could be useful to someone):