Non blocking API with legato

is there any way to define non blocking APIs with legato. So if a client app is sending data to a server app but the server app is busy doing other things (i.e. connecting the modem), then the client app can keep going after a certain timeout is elapsed.

how about setting the priority rank in different process inside the server app?

These are two independent apps, each of them running one process only.
The problem is when the client use an API call to the server, but the server is busy doing something else and the process hangs, this is what I am trying to solve…

in the server app, you can run two processes with different priority
one is for modem usage
one is for the IPC function with client app

if I do that I still need to create another API to get the two processes in the same app to communicate, correct?

it depends on whether you need communication between those 2 processes

yes, I do need the communication, these are part of the same app.

then how about back to one process only and create a thread for modem connection usage

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