Multi-client application


I Created a legacy application and adef/cdef files and it fully worked well with on api provided by ModemServices. Now, I want to add a second api provided by ModemServices and when compiling it doesn’t work variables defined in api1_messages.h & api2_messages.h. I’m using ifgen to generates these files from my apis and in my main.c I include all necessary files generated by ifgen. What can cause this problem? and How can I resolve this ? Is it possible to implement multiple clients in one application?

Thank you

The two {api}_messages.h are conflicting.

My Legato version is 17.06 rc4

Hi very interested to find out how you got on. I just started with the Legato and its a steep learning curve. I too have a legacy application that I need to build on the framework and also need to use the Modem services. Would be very helpful to have some guidance as my legacy application has many levels of source files and dependencies on external libraries. I am following the instructions on So far I have tried to cross compile (had to hand modify all the make files) for the target and that builds without errors. It also loads on the target. I also created an adef file to build using the Legato management and that seems be OK. But on loading to the target and attempting to run on the target it does not seem to execute. I turned on logging and did not see any output. The project doesn’t have any CMakeLists file to use CMake, it just has a Make file. So scratching my head at the moment.