Legato docs search doesn't work

In trying to figure out why logread doesn’t work, I tried to use the ‘Search’ feature on legato.io/ to search for “syslogd” - as that was mentioned in the error message.

Despite the fact that you can see “syslogd” mentioned on the page, the search result says, “No Matches” - see the screenshot:

Hi Andy,

the search capability in the docs is not based on searching for any string. It’s a local search which the doxygen tool creates itself and only works for certain keywords. We’ve been trying to work out how to improve this as we go forward - the 14.07 search should be a bit better as we used a newer version of doxygen.

If you want a more complete search our docs are in the open so you can use google site qualifier to do a search e.g. “site:www.legato.io logread”

Hope that helps.


you can also build a pdf of the documentation :

After the build of legato-af, enter the commands in your linux shell:
$ cd legato-af/build/localhost/bin/doc/user/latex
$ make

and you get a pdf file at the end: refman.pdf
(tested OK at least with 14.07)

You can search inside more easily with acrobat or pdf tools.