Le_gnss.c OpenNmeapipe() | Polling isssue

Hi there ,
I Was trying to poll gps data using positioningService /le_gnss.c API’s but unfortunately after certain time we have the following errors popping up which says continuously that
le_gnss.c OpenNmeapipe() 475 | Open /dev/nmea failure: errno.24 (Too many open files)
and the application crashes after certain time .

i am also attaching an image of the same
Please let me know how to overcome this issue .

Thanks & Regards

  • Akshay

Legato version : 18.10.3

@akshaysk, I don’t really understand your use case, use you the positioningService /le_gnss.c API in your own app? if yes, what do you want to do exactly with this app