Layered Publish-Subscribe Handlers


I tried to use the EventLoop API to call a function from a server to a client.
To do this, I used the Layered Publish/Subscribe model. But I don’t succeed to make it works with “multiple” reports.

Actually I succeed to call my client’s handler function only one time, when the first layer calls it a second time(after a 2nd report was sending) my application crashed with the following log:

I tried to recreate my layered handler ( le_event_AddLayeredHandler) after sending my report or after having called the second layers without any more success.

Is there any way to send multiple reports to a single client handler using the same eventId ?

Thanks for your help,


Honestly, I’m not very happy with the way the Layered Event Handler API turned out. I think it’s a bit confusing to use. Ideas for an improved API design are welcome. We will be working on improving it or providing a better alternative for a future release.

That said, you definitely should be able to do multiple reports on the same Event ID, without it crashing. We do that a lot, actually. Can you share your code with us?


I just send you the code and some feedbacks by mail.