Java sopport IPC interface between a C application and a Java application


Can SierraWireless provide a sample showing IPC communication between a C application and a Java application? Can you provide a sample using IDL intreface. This would be very usefull

“Using a simple interface definition language (IDL), you can create a function call API implemented in one language and called from another.
The implementation code (the server) can run in a different process, or even in a different application (in a different sandbox), than the client code that uses that implementation. The Legato build system automatically generates the code needed to marshall parameters and return codes into messages, and send them over the IPC system”

Thank you

Hi @isabel

For now Java support is still experimental. We’re currently working hard to make it production ready.
Theoretically speaking, the idea is:

  • you design interfaces described in API files:
  • these apis can be provided by components, whatever they are implemented in C or in Java
  • and they can be required by other components, implemented in C or in Java

The thing is globally working but as you can imagine, the devil is in the details :slight_smile:
The remaining effort is to validate that all different data types are correctly matching between C and Java.
We’re hoping to get something definitely usable within the end of this year.