Issue while starting legato 16.01.2 framework

I am porting Legato framework 16.01.2 on to IMX6 Sabersd board. I have compiled framework using IMX6 toolchain and placed on the board.

Started framework by running “start” script from /mnt/legato, I could see “Could not set extended attribute. Operation not supported” while executing following commands.

xattr set security.SMACK64 "*" /dev/null xattr set security.SMACK64 "*" /dev/zero

Can you guide me to fix the error while executing xattr on /dev/null and /dev/zero.

Alex Jiang is travelling today, so I’m quoting his response:

After enabling kernel configuration as shown below, the issue was fixed.

security options -> Enable different security models : Simplified Mandatory Access Control Kernel support Default securitymodule(Simplified Mandatory Access Control)