Issue on Legato for Raspberry Pi 3

Hi, I am trying to run legato on a Raspberry Pi 3, and I have followed this guide . The thing is that when I start legato, everything seems to work fine until I get the warning: Timed out after waiting 5000ms for indication from child. And then the critical error: Supervisor was killed by a signal 14.

I attach the syslog from the raspberry pi for more details.

I attach the previous log part here because I can only upload one image per post.

Can you try to build with SMACK disabled? SMACK_DISABLED=1 make raspi I think.

Im thinking that Legato has some SMACK issues with kernels above 4.4 and this could lead to the issue that you’re facing.

I tried:


make raspi

And again, legato starts, I can check the legato version but then I get the same error. :frowning:

Do you mean that if I use an older Raspbian version it may work?

Thank you

So did you see any change between the 2?

Otherwise you need to do export SMACK_DISABLED=1 before make wp76xx if it’s on 2 lines.

Where should I notice changes?
I tried both (same line and also using export) and the error persists there. I am thinking of using an older raspbian version and see if it works.

The timed out part makes me think that there is some IPC issue.
I was hoping that disabling SMACK would help, but maybe not :confused: