I2C Address 0x02

It seems 0x02 is used internally on the system or otherwise unavailable is there a way to use a I2C device with this address.

Which module are you using (eg. WP8548) and which board (eg. mangOH Green)?

I’m not aware of anything listening on address 0x02, but it seems that 0x02 is a special address in I2C. Look at section 3.1.12 on page 17 of the I2C specification (PDF).

The address reserved for a different bus format is included to enable I2C and other protocols to be mixed.
Only I2C-bus compatible devices that can work with such formats and protocols are allowed to respond to
this address.

Using wp85 yes 0x02 is a special address it worked previously the lightning detector uses low addresses was a oversight on the alpha board and has been changed for beta board.

Thank you for replying