How to prevent reboot if legato fails to start

I have WP7502 device with legato 16.10.1. I observed that as soon as flash become full, device stucks in endless reboot loop.

After some investigation I found out that if legato could not be start for some reason it will reboot the system.

Digging deeper, legato is started in following manner:
/etc/init.d/ → /mnt/legato/start → /legato/systems/current/bin/startSystem → /legato/systems/current/bin/supervisor → legato applications & services

startSystem will start supervisor and wait for it to exit, and if supervisor exit with non-zero exit code it would immediately issue reboot of whole system.
Since it happens during boot process, there is no chance to access the device to fix the problem(e.g. via ethernet) or investigate what went wrong.

One workaround that I found is to start /legato/systems/current/bin/supervisor directly instead of startSystem, but I’m not sure how safe to do this, since I’m not totally understand what startSystem does, and I afraid it could break legato functionality.

This this rather strange behaviour, since any problem with legato would render device completely non-functional without possibility to fix it.
So I would like to prevent rebooting the device because of legato.

Does anybody know how I can prevent legato rebooting without breaking anything?

What about turning off the watchdog? Or is that just part of Legato?

Watchdog is a part of legato image that I have on device. Do you know, is it possible and how to disable it in this case? Thanks.

The watchdogAction (or the faultAction) can be set to ‘ignore’ instead of ‘restart’ ( if no action is specified, it is considered as restart) in the adef of the applications using the watchdog timeout to prevent legato from restarting due to watchdog time out.