helloIPC in java


I have been trying to make a java API server and a client running as two different applications as described here: https://docs.legato.io/17_08/apiFiles.html

Is this implemented and possible to do in Java? I have looked at the helloIPC example and attempted to do the same thing. I have one Server and one Client application. In the server project there is a file called API.api. In the server cdef I have:

provides: {
api: {

	API = API.api



In the server adef i have

extern: {
    api = Server.ServerComponent.API


An interface and an implementing class is correctly generated, however when trying to install the application on the target I get an error: error: incompatible types: ServerComponent cannot be converted to API

This occurs in the factory.java file on the line: instanceAPI = new APIServer(component);

I’ve tried various tricks to get it working but nothing so far. Any ideas on why this occurs and how it can be solved?

Hi @marerl

please can you attach a small sample project, to help highlighting the problem?