File creatio in memory card

I am using legato16.07 wp750x module. I am writeing api for sd card. I mounted it using mount -ofmask=0111 -odmask=0000 -osmackfsdef=sd /dev/mmcblk0p1 /etc/sd/. Now I am able to ctreate a file in sd card by using touch command through command line interface. But thruough program I am unable to create a file . I used fopen, open, le_atomfile_Open all methods. It is giving error. in .adef file I used requires { device: [rw] /dev/mmcblk0p1 /dev/mmcblk0p1} also. I used system("touch “filename”); but no use . suggest me right method.
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K Subrahmaniam

How about using unsandboxed application?

Thank you
How to use unsanboxed application please guide me
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K Subrahmaniam

please see here:

You need to set false in .adef file.

Please guide me where is unsandboxed .
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K subrahmaniam

didn’t you have a adef file for your legato application?
just add “sandboxed: false”.

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It is working . what is its meaning of sandboxed : false.
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K Subrahmaniam

you can have a look about sandbox here:

if you set the application to be unsandboxed, it can touch all the file in your file system.

Thank You,I got it.