Execute run-test

I encountered an error while executing run-test.
This System runs wp76-legato_19.11.2-202005290654

Host System Ubuntu 20.04

  1. At the beginning of building i get following output
WARNING: Failed to receive sysroot path from compiler '/usr/bin//gcc --print-sysroot'

How can i disable -Werror or fix it generally?
2. Following

recipe for target 'system' failed

Where can i see and/or modify configuration regarding to this failure?

What is run-test?
Is it legato application?

The shell script run-test is inside Legato AF.

where is it?
I cannot find it…

owner@CNHKG-EX-001367:~/Yocto/WP76/R16$ find /home/owner/LEAF/swi-wp76_4.6.0/leaf-data/wp76dev/wp76-legato/ -name “run-test”

under wp76-legato_19.11.2-202005290654/run-tests

I am trying to reproduce your issue, what command do you run on this run-test script

i used following command ./run-tests host-ut

this is for localhost, target is not for WP76 or WP77

yes everything for localhost because of evaluation reasons, later it will be wp76

can you try the target directly on wp76?

i will test it running on wp76, coming back later with some results
PS.: It is mandatory to run it on host first